Rybozen Portable Karaoke Microphone Mixer System Set, with Dual UHF Wireless Mic, HDMI-ARC/Optical/AUX & HDMI In/Out in Singing Receiver for Smart TV, PC, KTV, Home Theater, Amplifier, Speaker

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About this item

  • 【Ideal for Music Party】:TWO IN ONE karaoke microphone receiver is also a sound mixer which is equipped with rotatory adjustment controls. It can allow you to easily adjust echo, tone, volume of the mics and music to the desired level. Output the mixed audio signals to TV or other sound system via HDMI or 3.5mm (1/8") stereo & optical output connectors for easy setup with your home theater or speaker system.
  • 【Interference Free】: Karaoke microphone system set includes 2 handheld wireless microphones and 2 wired microphone inputs interface. You can plug in additional wired microphones if you needed.This system comes with Ultra-High Frequency (UHF)which is less likely subject to interference from other equipment. it has 16 selectable frequencies and is compliant with the latest FCC regulations.
  • 【HDMI ARC FUNCTION】: Please check the pictures for “Connect with TV” setting guidance. Please make sure to enable your TV’s CEC and choose PCM as audio format under expert setting on the TV. The HDMI ARC on the K203 karaoke mixer allows you to extract the audio from the TV to the mixer. This allows the mixer to blend the music and vocal, and send the mixed signals to a soundbar or amplifier (HDMI cable is not included).
  • 【Super Sound Quality & Long Range Operation Wireless Range】:Built-in pop filter reduces potential popping sound and helps deliver consistent and superb sound.Up to 100 feet line-of-sight operation range. Perfect for karaoke, DJ music and house party.
  • 【Versatible Compatibility】Device compatible with iPad,TV, smart TV, Bluetooth,Blue-ray player, desktop computer, live sream, laptop, tablets, smartphone, DVD player, soundbar, home theater system, receiver, speaker etc. 12 Months Warranty, if you have any questions about product, please contact us.

Rybozen Wireless TV Headphones with Transmitter Dock


1. The receiver and microphone cannot be paired. If your receiver light displays red, the receiver and microphone are not paired correctly. Please follow the instructions below:


  1. Turn off the receiver and handhold microphone.
  2. Press the “SET” and “POWER” button until the signal bar on the microphone display will flash. You can release the settings and buttons now.
  3. Turn on the power of the receiver. Your microphone will be paired with the receiver, and the LED light will displays blue, the pairing will be successful.


2.If the receiver's indicator light is blue. But only one microphone has sound, or there is no sound when turns on the two microphones together. Please follow the instructions below:


  1. Turn on these two microphones to check whether the microphone's screen display are both CHA or CHB together.
  2. Choose one of the microphones, when the microphone is in power-on state, press the “SET” and “POWER” buttons simultaneously until the frequency flashing, then press the “SET” button three times quickly, the microphone will display CHA or CHB.



TV HDMI(ARC port) need set to PCM mode(not support dolby,5.1,DTS and so on).When receiver HDMI in work ,The HDMI (ARC) out not work(only out sound not input).Connecting a smart TV to the K203 receiver through HDMI requires your smart TV to have HDMI ARC port.Most TV manufacturers offer ARC output over only one HDMI port instead of all three or four ports on the set. This is usually indicated by a label on the set itself. If the HDMI ports aren't clearly labeled, you can check the TV manual, which should indicate which HDMI port to use.

Portable Karaoke Microphone Mixer System Set

Portable Karaoke Microphone Mixer System Set

Portable Karaoke Microphone Mixer System Set

Portable Karaoke Microphone Mixer System Set

Note: Bluetooth Connection

The product comes with built-in Bluetooth function and you can choose to pair the receiver with bluetooth device as well.

  1. Once you power on the receiver, the receiver will become discoverable
  2. In the settings of your bluetooth enabled devices,set it to discover.from the bluetooth device list.select the karaoke mixer device. When the bluetooth is used to connect a device(Say a bluetooth enabled cellphone).
  3. Please connect the receiver via audio out port to the sound output device(say a speaker or soundbar)

Portable Karaoke Microphone Mixer System Set